Dawn to dusk


From slumber when I open

Another morning it was

My eyes on the sky open

My heart did heaven’s cross

My heart in joy bloomed

With delightful glee

When sun’s hands groomed

With warmth over me


I would very well spend

To see a bud into rose

It’s hourly growth I attend

It welcomes I suppose


Many a living thing around

And amongst them a fly

Chase did I all around

To just see it fly

Bringing home the moths

When they see them did

The ants through grassy paths

As hours go by

There at last comes the night

To hide the world below

And the stars in gentle light

Seed of wonder sowu0-cus-d1-0b4e2e0c93fc4b1f816f948ad9c41a07^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr



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