Penguin types


There are 17 different species of penguins.  Scientists split them up into six different groups.king

The King Penguin is the second largest of all the penguin species only the Emperor Penguin is bigger.  King Penguins have much lighter feathers on their backs than Emperors and more vivid orange patches behind their earscrust

The crested penguins are the punk rockers of the bird world sporting colorful if sometimes unkempt looking head dresses of feathers. Despite its name this species the Erect crested Penguin often lets its crest feathers droop down by its neckfairy

The Fairy Penguin is the smallest penguin of all and the only one to nest on mainland Australia. Despite its diminutive size it has a surprisingly powerful voice. Birds at their breeding colonies are particularly vocal making a cacophonous variety of loud quacking braying and whistling noises.gentooCCPO

The Gentoo is the largest of the three brush tailed penguin species and the third largest of all penguins, after the Emperor and King.  Gentoos have a distinctive white stripe that stretches  across the top of the head and are the only brush tailed penguins with an orange bill.emperor

Compared with other penguins Emperor Penguins are huge. The males in particular put on a massive amount of weight in the run up to winter in preparation for months of starvation while they incubate their partner’s eggs out on the

The yellow eyed Penguin has a genus all of its own. It has the unhappy distinction of being the worls’s rarest penguin with fewer than 4000 individual birds remaining. It is found only in New Zealand and a few outlying (1)

Unlike New Zealand’s Yellow eyed penguin  the Chinstrap is thriving. The second most common of all penguins it has a population that numbers in the  millions and is found right around Antarctica.mag

The Magellanic Penguin is the most common of the four banded penguin species breeding right around the southern tip of South America.  Like all the banded penguins it  has characteristic white  eyebrows of feathers and a flattened bill.


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