Ugadi Traditions


Besides Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh the festival of Ugadi is celebrated under different names in Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Bengal, Assam, Punjab, TamilNadu and also Sindh in Pakistan.

Preparations to start the new year on an auspicious note begin with a thorough cleaning of the house two days before Ugadi.

images (1)On Ugadi the house is decorated. The day begins with oil baths and new clothes.  Mango leaves ar strung on doorways to usher in prosperity and luck. This is also with the hope that the year will be as sweet as the fruit and the householders’ values and emotions remain as strong as the seeds. It is also believed to be an auspicious day to begin a new venture.

downloadUgadi Pachchadi is one of the most important aspects of the festival. The mixture of six different tastes represents different experiences in life.  Neem buds symbolizes sadness for its bitter taste. jiggery symbolizes happiness for sweetness  green chilli or pepper symbolizes anger for its heat  salt symbolizes fear  tamarind juice symbolizes disgust and raw mango symbolizes surprise.




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