How almonds may help prevent migraines


The use of nutritional supplements or alternative therapies for migraine prevention is becoming more popular.  One nutritional supplement is riboflavin which is a B vitamin found in everyday foods like almonds  spinach mushrooms and whole grains reports

Here is a closer look at riboflavin [ vitamin B2 ] how it plays a role in migraine pathogenesis and whether you should consider foods like almond to prevent your migraines.

Mitochondria are the power houses of cells. They are in charge of fueling the metabolic reactions needed to maintain the structure and function of the cell. In migraines some scientists theorise that amitochondrial defect may reduce the threshold for migraine attacks. This leads to the brain becomes hyper-responsive to migraine triggers.

Riboflavin plays a major role in cell metabolism. So supplementation with riboflavin may help overcome this mitochondrial defect—or disturbance in brain energy metabolism—by increasing mitochondrial energy efficiency.

The 2012 American Headache Society and American Academy of Neurology guidelines for prevention of episodic migraine listed riboflavin as a level B drug or “ probably effective “ for migraine prevention.

But there are only two randomized controlled studies examining the use of riboflavin in preventing migraines and both are small.

Riboflavin certainly may be a reasonable option for preventing migraines. Riboflavin when compared to traditional migraine preventive medications would be more helpful.  As always be sure to consult your doctor before trying any nutritional supplement.

Riboflavin or vitamin B2 which may help prevent migraines is found in everyday foods like almonds  spinach  mushrooms and whole grains.

courtesy     deccan chronicle


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