Eight healing oils

Using an adequate amount of the right kinds of fats and oils can play a pivotal role in slowing down the ageing of our body.  Good fats provide the body with fuel alongside the feeling of fullness.  These can also stimulate fat burning.  Studies show the value of supplementing our diet with additional essential fats to prevent and treat a broad spectrum of diseases.  Distinguishing good fats from bad fats can be tricky so here are the top eight healthy fats and oils.

downloadCoconut oil

It has rightly earned the title of a ‘ superfood ‘ and it is  consumed in large amounts by some of the healthiest population around the globe. Its fatty acids have been shown to speed up overall metabolism.

download (1)Borage oil

Borage seed oil has one of the highest amounts of linolenic acid and is widely used as an anti-inflammatory support for a number of conditions including eczema  psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. It can be hard to track down so try taking it in supplement format.

download (2)Hemp Seed oil

Hempseed oil is called nature’s perfect food due to its balanced concentrations of omega fatty acids  3,6 and 9. Studies have shown it can help support heart health. It also has a beneficial effect on hair skin and nails with people who regularly use and consume hemp oil reporting thicker and shinier hair softer skin and stronger nails.

download (3)Flax seed oil

This oil contains the highest concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids and the right amount of consumption has been shown to improve cardiovascular health.

download (4)Pumpkin seed oil

a great one for both men and women, research has found that it can significantly help improve prostate health due to its richness in zinc also help women with menopause as it can decrease blood pressure hot flushes and headaches.

download (5)Avocado oil

This is known for its skin boosting effects. In addition to its nourishing moisturising and protective fats  it also contains significant levels of antioxidants.

download (6)Omega 3 Fish oil

Arguably the best type of fat  the fats produced by oily fish contain the highest concentrations of Omega 3 fatty acids which are proven to make a positive difference to heart and brain health as well as improving the skeletal system.

download (7)Olive oil

It is an integral part of the traditional  Mediterranean diet which is associated with vitality  longevity and low incidence of chronic disease. It is particularly helpful in promoting optimal cardiovascular function maintaining good blood flow and bettering cognitive functions.

courtesy   The Hindu


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