Christians the world over celebrate 5th April as Easter Sunday— the day Christ rose from the dead.  This festival metaphorically symbolizes the promise of eternity that life and death are eternal cycles in a continuum called time.  Easter itself derives its name from a much older Nature festival called OSTARA  that celebrates fertility. Folks exchange hollow eggs and bunnies made of marzipan and chocolate as gifts of love. Look around you and you will see Nature in raptures. As we are in the middle of spring summer the forests burst into blossom in a riot of colour animals give up their solitude to pair up birds build their nests as the planet paves the way for the next generation.

imagesEnergetically Ostara is a great day to create. This is a favourable time to conceive especially for couples suffering from fertility issues. This is also a good time to let go of the old and bring in the new business projects beginning now are guaranteed success.

On a personal level you will notice that your libido goes on overdrive. There also is a yearning for companionship and love. We start looking out for better halves and second selves. After all Ostara is Nature’s version of Valentine’s day.

courtesy     deccan chronicle


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