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While we try to cram everything eatable inside our refrigerator especially during summer here is a list of foodstuff that can safely be kept outside.

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You usually donot need to refrigerate your eggs. But if you are not sure about the source of your eggs you might want to if you are worried about salmonella.


Some cakes need to refrigerated but doing so can cause them to become dried out. Cakes  with no frosting or that have been frosted with a simple butter cream or ganache are good left out [ in an airtight container ] for three days

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Spreading hard butter on a piece of fragile toast requires skill and wizardry rarely accessible during the groggy morning rush  which is why a lot of people like to keep their butter out. But given that it’s a dairy product some fear that it will sour and quickly become rancid. The USDA’s food safety hotline says that in fact leaving your butter out is fine.

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If you like hard bread keep it in the fridge. If you like soft flavourful bread keep it at room temperature. The refrigerator will keep your bread from getting moldy but it will also dry it out.

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Chilling tomatoes breaks down the sugars  acids and aroma producing compounds  that give them their beautiful flavor the cold also damages the fruit’s cell structure resulting in that unpleasant texture.

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Ketchup and mustard packages advise that they should be refrigerated after opening but there’s enough acid in both of them. Leaving them out won’t put you at risk for foodborne illness but they will only keep for about a month until their flavor and texture start to deteriorate so it depends on how frequently you use them.


Courtesy    Deccan Chronicle.


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