Robin is U K’s favourite


The red-breasted Robin tops a poll of more than 2,00,000 people to choose the U K’s  FIRST NATIONAL BIRD.

Other birds in raceBarn-Owl1

The bird received 34 percent votes followed by the Bran owl which received only 12 percent votes.

More than 2,24,000 people voted online at ballot boxes in schools and by post in the poll which began in March.

The Red breasted creature has long been a part of Britain’s cultural tapestry. Most notably with its image adorning Christmas decorations every year.


The Wren became the 4th choice

red-kite_03The Red Kite stood 5th in terms of popularity.

downloadThe King Fisher is the 6th favourite among voters.

INDIA  download (1)

Peacock is the national bird since 1963.

They too have their own birds

UNITED STATES     download (2)  BALD EAGLE

AUSTRALIA             2012-10-21 at 02-49-22-L  THE EMU

FRANCE                    411335_heroa GALLIC ROOSTER

courtesy      deccan chronicle


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