According to the sugar Association regulations by the US Food and Drug Administration allow manufacturers  to label any product that has five or fewer calories per serving as containing “ 0 “ calories.

However the starch based molecules known as dextrose or maltodextrin which are added to commercially available artificial sweeterers actually add calories to each serving.

Further scientific evidence has shown that artificial sweeterners are associated with a higher risk of the same chronic diseases caused by regular sugar (1)

This has caused many experts to weigh in and recommend against the use of artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes in any form  noting that these are not the solution to the obesity epidemic and in fact may make things worse.


Experts note that artificial sweeteners such as those found in diet soda can interfere with the human body’s basic ‘ learning ‘ process on how to deal with natural sugar  effectively causing the body’s normal mechanisms such as appetite regulation and insulin production to fall out of service or go “ out of whack “ so to speak.

imagesImpairing the body’s natural ability to deal with sugar and its biological effects artificial sweeterers thereby lead to overeating increased sugar and carbohydrate  cravings  diminished release of important regulatory hormones and poor regulation of blood glucose.


The resulting poor regulation of blood glucose leads to insulin resistance [“ pre-diabetes”] and eventually Type 2 diabetes. Studies have found that artificial sweeteners can also alter the normal gut bacteria which also contributes to impaired blood glucose throughout the body. Experts have noted that the use of artificial sweeteners may be especially problematic in children since being exposed to very sweet foods [ artificial or naturally sweetened ] at a young age trains the palate to expect and to crave sweet foods well into adulthood. This leads not only to childhood obesity but to adult obesity as well.




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