Don’t skip breakfast if you want to remain active


Eating breakfast may not only make people lose weight but can also make them more physically active and reduce food intake later in the day reveals a study.

According to the team increasing activity can improve health in sedentary people, making them more active by controlling their blood sugar levels.

“ Despite many people offering opinions about whether or not you should eat breakfast to date there has been a lack of rigorous scientific evidence showing how or whether breakfast might  cause changes in our health “ said lead researcher James Betts from the University of Bath in Britain.healthy-breakfast-120516

The results highlight some of these impacts but “ how important’ breakfast is still really depends on the individual and their own personal goals Betts added.

The team wanted to study the possible links between breakfast body weight and health. In the study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition researchers split obese individuals aged 21 to 60 into two groups “ fasting and “ breakfasting’ measuring several outcomes during a six week period.

The “ breakfasting” group was asked to eat at least 700 calories by 11 am which the first half of the group consumed within at least two hours of waking up. The fasting group was allowed only water until noon.

“ For example if weight loss is the key there is little to suggest that just having breakfast or skipping it will matter.  However based on other markers of a healthy lifestyle like being more active or controlling blood sugar levels there is evidence that breakfast may help ‘ Betts noted.breakfast-tea-poha-bread-biscuit-front-view-38531072

It is important to bear in mind that not everybody responds in the same way to breakfast and that not all breakfast are equal. ‘ The effects of a sugary cereal compared to a high protein breakfast are likely to be quite different” said Enhad Chowdhury another researcher.


Courtesy      The Hindu


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