Happy women’s day


The little extra glow is the first indication

That she is on her way into the nation

To be a reason for celebration

By her inherent power of fascination

The woman steps into the earth

To get rid of life’s dearth

Grows up in her parent’s cage

For she is already a woman in the making

Who starts learning to make life amazing

She travels thru the hazy atmosphere

Thereby masters the art of surviving life’s mazy sphere

For she should have to shed tons of tears

To get away her withholding fears

She loves to keep moving on for

Life rarely allows her to hang on

She shreds herself at every dusk

To revive at the next dawn with

The strength of an elephant’s tusk

For every woman knows she has a man in herself

That makes her all the more stronger than the man himself

Happieeee  women’s day to all the women out there

Keep smiling …………………….

written by    Ms   Bhuvana Jayaram


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