What yawning says about you

girl yawning at night with moon and stars clipart

It is not because you’re  tired.  Well it is.  But it’s also very much to do with the company you keep.  New research from Baylor University in Texas has found there’s a correlation between empathy and how much yawning you do.

A survey of 135 people measured psychopathic traits to see how well participant’s empathized with others.  Then the participants were shown videos of people laughing  vawning and with expressionless faces.  The higher people scored in the empathystakes  the more likely they were to yawn along too.

There is also a link between how well you know someone and how likely you are to yawn researchers found.

So if you’re one of those people who suffer from contagious yawning you’re more likely to do it when it’s someone you know well than an acquaintance of stranger.

Source   www.i100.independent.co.uk


Courtesy      Deccan Chronicle


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