Health benefits of Raw mangoes


.  If you thought eating raw mangoes with chilli and salt was all there was to it this season you are wrong. Take a look at the various health benefits of raw mangoes

We all get dehydrated during summer. Raw mangoes eaten with little salt will prevent excessive loss of water from the body. Eating raw mangoes after lunch will also give you energy and will get rid of the drowsiness.1898

One of the most important benefits of raw mangoes is that  it helps treat liver disorders.  Eating raw mangoes increases the secretion of bile.1st Image

Constipation is another problem that raw mango can solve.  Eating raw mangoes with salt and  honey helps solve digestive problems.  A slice of raw mango is a great remedy for activity.  Chew on a piece and it will reduce your heartburn.

courtesy         DECCAN CHRONICLE


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