Stamp of a Saint


Celebrating Mother Teresa’s 106th birthday anniversary and her recent canonisation a docudrama traces the journey of the saint through coins and stamps.080__sheet

‘ By blood I am Albanian.  By citizenship an Indian. By faithe I am a Catholic nun.  As to my calling I belong to the worls. As to my heart I belong entirely to the heart of Jesus” ……..Saint Mother Terasa.   A great visionary she started her missionary work with the poor in 1948. On the occasion of her 106th birth anniversary Mintageworld………….as online repository of coins notes and stamps…… launched a docudrama on the history of various stamps and coins launched to celebrate her birth life and service to human kind.mother-ter

“ For over 68 years Mother Teresa worked selflessly and tirelessly in India and elsewhere taught the destitute healed the sick fed and clothed the poor cared for children housed lepers and those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and offered dignity in death to desolate souls forsaken by family and society.  We wanted to celebrate the goodness she spread through the society” said Rajat Agarwal, creative head Mintageworld.images

The team launched a docudrama narrating the story of how she cured people through prayers while tracing her journey.  Rajat says “ there are some amazing stamps and coins issued by India as well as other countries honouring and recognising her work. We wanted to put together a curatorial work featuring the important life events of Mother Teresa for our young audiences in an interactive way. That is when we came up with the idea of a docudrama’

With Mother Teresa recently elevated to sainthood in a ceremony at the Vatican, the video seems to be an instant hit. “ We did not plan this. Had we known that she will be honoured with a sainthood we would have incorporated that hit in the video too” points out

The video features how India Post honoured Mother Teresa for her Nobel peace Prize  issuing a 30 paisa coin in 1980  featuring her photograph  along with the reverse side of the Nobel Peace Prize medal representing a group of three men forming a fraternal bond. They also issued a special stamp worth rs 45 on a souvenir sheet in 1997. Apart from Indian stamps the video also features coins and stamps issued by other countries and their significance. France for instance issued three gold coins of 500  200 and 50 Euro along with two silver coins of 10 Euro respectively to celebrate her birth centenary. Reserve Bank of India also issued two coins on the occasion of her 100th birth anniversary of rs 5 and rs 100

courtesy     Deccan Chronicle








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