Calcium supplements : benefits and risks


Are you being overloaded with calcium prescriptions?calcium-rich-foods-1

Research studies have shown a increased risks of kidney diseases  heart attack and stroke in people who are taking 1000 milligrams to 1200 milligrams of calcium per day. It is said that for calcium to be absorbed in the body it is important to have adequate vitamin D. calcium settles in the arteries instead of the bones and for that reason excess calcium can cause muscle pain mood disorders and kidney stones.

Dr.Rahul Agarwal senior consultant of internal medicine explained ‘ it is found that vitamin D is important and it is regarded as a type of hormonal replacement therapy. Sufficient levels ensure that there is proper calcium absorption by the body from the daily food.  Hence people must opt for more of green leafy vegetables legumes beans salmon and sesame seeds.calcium-rich-foods-1-1

But in women who are in pre-menopause stage the mineral in bones is reduced leading to bone break down. They require a calcium rich diet and also supplements to ensure proper strength. Dr M Hari Sharma senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Appollo Hospitals explained. “ women who are in the menopause stage must take calciym supplements immediately after meals to utilise acidic pH and to minimize gastric irritation. It must not be taken with tea and iron supplements. It has been found that intestinal absorption of calcium is not efficient especially with cereal based diet.


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