Radish seed pods


Sure we all eat radish but did you know there is a part of the radish that most urban homes discard despite that fact that it is both tasty and nutritious? The next time you are at the local market ask for the radish seed pod. Also known as Moongre in Hindi these delicate-looking pods pack quite a punch when it comes to flavor. Biting into them is almost like chewing wasabi. Imagine the powerful tang of fresh raw radish.radish-seed-pods

Now multiply it by four. A handful of these and all the raw chilli addicts among you will make a switch and not miss the fistful of spice.  In Germany these spicy seeds are sometimes served raw as an accompaniment with beer.  The sharp taste makes the radish seed pod popular for different chutneys. Grind it with green chillis if you are feeling particularly brave. The most common way of using these pods in India is by making a quick stir-fry sautéing it with potatoes garam masala and turmeric. In Europe the pods are often served with meat.  Why eat it? This seasonal vegetable available in the markets now comes with a number of health benefits. It is rich in ascorbic acid folic acid and potassium. The pods are also a good source of vitamin B6 riboflavin magnesium copper and calcium


courtesy    The Hindu


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