One treatment for all diseases


250 gms of fenugreek  100 gms of ajwain and 50 gms of black jeera1methi omam %e0%ae%95%e0%ae%b0%e0%af%81

Clean the above 3 items. Roast them separately. Mix all of them together and make a powder.  Stock in an airtight glass jar.

Consume one spoon with one full glass of warm water in the night. It is important to consume with warm water. Do not have any food after consuming this. The powder can be consumed by all genders and ages.

By consuming this powder daily the toxin stagnant in every corner of our body will be pushed out via stool urine and sweat.

The best result will be noticed after 80-90 days of consuming this powder. By then the unwanted fat will also be burned down.  Fresh cleaner blood will be in circulation. Wrinkles will vanish.  The body will become strong brisk and glowing.


Arthritis and similar chronic issues will be cleared.

Bones will become stronger.

Improves eye sight

Improves hair growth

Clears constipation permanently

Improves blood circulation

Improves performance of heart

Makes you feel brisk

Improves hearing

Increases memory power

Clears side effects of allopathic medicines taken earlier.

Clears all the blood vessels and Purifies the blood

Teeth and gums will become stronger and help in maintain the enamel

Controls Diabetes  you should take this powder along with diabetic care powder.

The effect of the medicine will be noticed after two or three months.

You can lead a healthy happy brisk tensionless disease less long life.



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