As you eat so shall you reap


Let’s face it. Living a healthy life is easier said than done, especially when it comes to food. Sooner or later we all have to pay for the kind of food we eat.

So why not take charge of our health for a better tomorrow? We list out a few tips you can easily incorporate in your life.ortigia-market-24

Pick local produce over imported

It has become a trend to eat what is not a part of our food culture.   And thanks to the internet you think you’d be crazy not to eat them. We say break the habit of buying foreign produce altogether. Our ancestors too ate only locally sourced food. It is something your body adapts to better.  Appreciate indigenous produce dig into authentic recipes and it is time to start valuing our local farmers and produce.

Add colours to your plate the natural way

Cooking food is a big thing in my  parent’s kitchen. Both my parents spend hours together to create fresh healthy meals every day. By doing so one connects with food in a supreme way and more thought goes into the process.

Wholesome veggies and fruits boost your health as they provide essential minerals and vitamins. A good way to add the local and fresh produce to your platter is through colours.hnck7947

For instance imagine a cabbage sambharo salad  [yellow] carrot and bean poriyal [ orange and green ] a beetroot pachadi [purple ]  and a banana [ white ]on your plate. This is an ideal way to have more portions of veggies fruits and millets to achieve your daily nourishment.

The next time you pack your lunch box or prepare a thali don’t forget to create magic with colours for a nutritious punch.

Indulge in mindful eating

Our food portions can break or make us. Eat on time and know when to stop. Often feeling exhausted leads to sugar or junk food cravings and you might end up rewarding yourself with a donut or a soft drink. Being attentive is the key to self regulation.  Conversely don’t starve yourself either as this will lead to other health disorders. Try and pick a glass of sugarcane juice over a pack aged one. Carry your own bottle so that you can drink clean water wherever you go. My father always says simple food leads to a simple way of living. I might have taken some time to get there but now it makes complete sense.

Go minima

An over stocked fridge and pantry can result in wasted vegetables fruits and out of date food products.

Let us think how we got there. We are a generation that is obsessed with making lists and ordering food online. We love loitering in super markets and filling our carts to the rim. No wonder the wastage.  How about this? Make a list of what’s already there in your kitchen. Or say cook up a dish with the ingredients that need to be finished first, before they go stale. When it comes to produce always eat fresh. Make use of left over food wisely and if possible cook food in small portions. This way you will have access to more freshly cooked meals and waste less.

Embrace the world of foodimages

Explore cooking methods and ingredients and learn to enjoy the process. I keep going back to some of the treasured Indian cookbooks that I own for inspiration.  Food writers like Malini Bisen  Sushila Subodh and Bilkees I Latif are a few names we’ve just forgotten about. They show us how to celebrate ingredients both the unfamiliar and popular ones. My mother never stops reminding me to eat jowar ki roti  [sorghum ] which is gluten free easy to digest and is packed with nutrients. Talking about world cuisine I love to eat my Chinese style stir fry and plan to ferment a Korean style kimchi. Don’t be afraid to make your own versions of famous dishes with local substitutes. Grow your own herbs and edible flowers that you can use in your dishes.  Meet like minded people and share your food dreams.  Build a food community.  There are endless possibilities and you can start now


Courtesy   The Hindu  wellness   Deepika Nandal



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