Filigree artisans set world record


Eight artisans from the Kala Karimnagar silver Filigree Handicrafts Society Secunderabad— Syed Sardar, A.Lavanya, K. sathish, A. Arun, S.Chiranjeevi, S. Anusha, P.Kiran and K.ashwini—have made it to the Wonder Book of International Records for their filigree work on a Ganesha idol. Weighing 10 kgs and with a height and breadth of 22 X 21 inches the idol was designed over a period of 545 days using 250 gms of silver. For the uninitiated filigree is an ornamental work where fine strands of gold or silver are used to design an art work.dc-co

The President of the Society  Syed Sardar shares, “ not many know about this craft and that’s why we put in so much of work to gain some recognition. The biggest challenge this art faces is selling our products. When sell through emporiums they hike the prices by 30 – 40 per cent. At times mediators even charge 60 to 70 per cent of the price. It hits our livelihood. Instead people can directly purchases from us at the manufacturing rate on our website “  He adds “ this record will definitely boost our work. The result of our hard work has finally borne fruit .”




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