PIO’s slippery bottle solves ketchup problem


An Indian origin scientist at MIT has found a novel way to get every last drop of ketchup shampoo and glue out of the bottle by developing a coating that makes container interiors super slippery.

The brainchild of Kripa Varanasi mechanical engineer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US and his students the coating called Liquiglide is set to make the transition from the laboratory to consumer and industrial markets.download-1

liquiGlide renders a surface highly slippery and allows every last drop of ketchup—or almost any other viscous product from paint to glue to cosmetics—to flow from its container without sticking saving billions of gallons of product from going waste. “ Viscous products sticking to the inside of containers lead to huge losses across industries” Varanasi said.

“ For example in paint manufacturing alone paint sticking to the inside of mixing and holding tanks costs the industry more than 100 million gallons of lost product and billions of dollars per year in associated waste costs.download

The findings could not only help consumers get those last drops of ketchup honey or skin cream out of their jars they may also enhance many other processes relating to manufacturing and power plants airplane de-icing flow in pipelines water treatment and desalination and reducing agricultural runoff.

In addition to LiquiGlide  Varanasi has launched another startup company in partnership with MIT professor of chemical engineering Karen Gleason called DropWise.

The company is developing durable hydrophobic coatings for power plants and other industrial machinery to boost their overall efficiency.


Courtesy    Deccan Chronicle


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