positive thinking 


A woman saw three saints in front of her house. She did not know any of them.  She said “ kindly come inside and have food’ . The saints replied  “ is your husband inside the house’? woman said ‘ no he has gone out”  Saints said will step into the house only when he is there” wealth

In the evening when the woman’s husband returns home she tells him about the saints.  Husband asked her “ go and tell them I am home and invite them inside the house” . She went out and called the saints inside the house.  The saints now said  “ we all don’t go inside anyone’s house together.”  “ But why “? The woman asked them.  One of the saints said “ my name is wealth.  Then he pointed to the other saints and said these two saints names are prosperity and love.2011-prosperity1

Only one of us can come inside your house.  You go in discuss with your family and decide which saint you want to invite. The woman went inside and told her husband all about this.  He was excited.  He said  “ if this is the matter let us invite wealth. Our house will them be filled with happiness.  But wife said I feel we should invite prosperity.  Their daughter was in the next room. She was listening to the discussions. She came outside and said  “ I feel we should invite love   nothing is more important.’

You are right. We should invite love only her parents agreed.   The woman went out and asked the saints  “ who is love ?  please come inside the house.  The other two saints started following love.  The surprised woman asked the saints ‘ I only invited love.  Why are you two also coming inside the house?”  love-209900_960_720

One of the saints replied  “ if you had invited prosperity or wealth only that saint would have entered your house.  But you have invited love.  Love never walks alone.  Wherever there’s love there’s prosperity and wealth. They all go hand in hand.  Read this story once twice  thrice  if you like it stay with love. Spread love give love and take love.  As love is the only secret to success.







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