The Way Across focused on how Buddha’s message spread from Telangana across South India.images

Many plays and films have depicted the life story of Gautama Buddha but what made the musical play .  The Way Across unique was its egional focus.  Directed by G. Kumara Swamy the play adapted from the book Telangana to Buddhism focused on the enlightment of a cursed Brahmin Bawari and his 16 curious disciples willing to understand the deeper truths of birth death rebirth and brotherhood.

From the impressive use of projector visuals music and shadow play there was every effort to lend authenticity to the theme .  Despite the play’s focus on Telangana the native essence was compromised due to the English rendition [ done for a wider reach ] . The lines appeared jaded with literal translations. The honest performances from the crew impacted only on a surface level. Kiran Kumar’s Bawar act and Krishna Chaitanya Joshi as Pingiya [ said to have propagated Buddhism from Telangana to several regions across South India ] grab your attention. The use of the song  Dhamma Dhamma a tacky fusion number to give a contemporary outlook to the play could’ve been more situational. With more home work the play’s intent would have matched its outcome.  The play was staged at Green Park Hotel as part of the recent three day Global Celebrations on Buddhist Heritage of Telangana 2017.


Courtesy   Srivathsan Nadadhur   The Hindu


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