Ms.D R Doley Barman IPS

Women in India are shining in every field and testament to this is the fact that a woman has been appointed for the second time in a row as the director of the Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy.  Doley Barman a native of Assam who later settled in Guwahati has had an illustrious career thus far having served in the Jammu & Kashmir cadre and then in the CBI and currently serving as the director of the North East Police Academy.

Interestingly it was not sociology or political science that Doley specialized in before appearing for the civil services examination.  ‘ I was always interested in reading and writing and my parents were proud of my talent. I chose to do my bachelors and masters in English even though I wanted to appear for the civils because my father always told me to pick a subject that I enjoy studying. It’s the same thing I tell my children too’ she says. Remembering her children  a son and a daughter  bot of who are pursuing their studies in Delhi.

She continues ‘ I am very fortunate to be married to Colonel P. Barman an army officer who is now posted in Shillong. He has held my hand throughout myjourney despite being so far away’

When asked how she manages to spend time with her family she says “ for all four of us to get together and spend time it is next to impossible. But when the kids have holidays and my husband is not on duty we try and scrape out a few days for each other ‘ she says with a laugh.

Doley says that she has a long history with Hyderabad  “ I came to Hyderabad for the first time in 1986 when I joined the NPA as a student. Now 31 years later I am back as the director and it feels great. Since I have been a board member of the NPA for a few years now I have been visiting the city often and am good friends with people like Goutham Sewang and Mahendra reddy ‘ she says.

On her achievements so far and about what keeps her going the 57 years old remembers her father one more time.  “ My father used to always say that hard work will never fail to pay off.  When I was a student at NPA I remember my director saying that we must stay positive and set a goal everywhere we go. That is what I follow even now.  The first time that I entered SVPNPA  as the director  I told myself that there are certain standards established by augment them. And I want youngsters who pass out from here to make a difference to the society.’

About Aruna  Doley has great things to say. ‘ she is one person I have always looked up to.  Many feel that to fit this profession women must be more like men.  Aruna madam proved that we don’t need to walk or talk like men but be ourselves.  She is so good at her job and yet so suave and gentle ‘ she says.

Courtesy    Noljota Gowra    deccan chronicle.


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