Hyderabad’s young scientist

When 22 year old Joddie Cresswell was working on a project little did she know that her research would bring her laurels.  Joddie recently won the Young Scientist Award at the University crants commission [ UGC ] sponsored national conference on emerging trends in life sciences organized by the Department of Zoology and the Department of Genetics.  St Ann’s College For Women  Mehdipatnam  Hyderabad.

Joddie who’s pursuing her Masters in applied Genetics at The Oxford college of Science Bengaluru presented her research paper on Screening of Women with a bad obstetric history [ BOH ].

“ Miscarriage is one of the most common problems pregnant women face. I thought about researching on this and helping women.  My guide and corresponding author Dr. M L N Deepika has helped me a lot.  I worked for 12 hours every day for two months to come  out with the research paper” says Joddie adding.  “ This is the first major achievement of my life. It has helped me realize that hard work does pay. So nobody should think of giving up.  I now plan on implementing my research “.




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