The top cop

Radhika G R who recently became the first Indian police officer to climb the top 10 peaks of Australia  describes the expedition as “ the most euphoric experience “ of her life. As part of the Aussie 10 peak challenge .  Radhika climbed Mt Kosciuszko [ 2228 metres ] —- the tallest peak in Australia— among other peaks such as Mt Townsend  [ 2195 metres ] and Mt Alice Rawson Peak [ 2160  metres ] earlier this month.

The Additional Superintendent of Police had previously set a record for being the first civil woman police officer in the world to climb Mt Everest.  She has also completed the coveted Seven Summits challenge.  The 42 year old who was recently posted as the principal of the Police Training College in Hyderabad  says “ Five of us from the city planned to complete the challenge  but the others backed out. This became my first solo expedition outside the country. Once in Canberra I continued the expedition with a few local women.”

Radhika completed the challenge in just two days while people usually take two and a half or three days to complete it.  “ Physical fitness is important but being mentally strong is the key. Since some part of the terrain had plants growing on the ground.  I had to apply extra pressure. Some peaks were also covered with boulders. Being a vegetarian planning my diet to get enough calories was a challenge. I survived on lettuce boiled pumpkin apples potato chips and chocolates’ she says.

Talking about the importance of packing right Radhika says. “ I pack light and always carry a solar mobile charger  sunscreen dry fruits  whistles hear torches and emergency aluminium foil blanket and a camera.

To stay fit Radhika runs and cycles daily. She says that her husband and two sons are her support.  “ My sons research about the place I plan to visit and tell me what I shouldn’t miss.  They plan to accompany me on my future expeditions “ she says.

Radhika who took an interest in mountaineering in 2012 has been asked several times what she gets by risking her life.  To this she says ‘ You don’t gain anything you lose your ego “.




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