The Banyan Tree is an integral part of Indian folklore and Pillalamarri is home to one of the biggest ones in South India spread over a whopping three acres and going back to 800 years.  The tree that resembles a dense wooded area rather than a lone giant tree has many a surprise in store. One can see religious shrines tucked away in its folds and branches.  Pillalamarri is often called by different names including Peerla marri   Pillala Marri  or Peerlamarri.

The giant tree which forms a massive wooded canopy can easily shelter around 1000 people.   Other added attractions here include a small aquarium and a museum. The Indian Postal Department has even released a stamp to commemorate the tree.  Do remember to carry food along as there are limited options on this route.

Do not miss

Jolly hills near Mahbubnagar which is an amusement park and an ideal pit stop and a newly relocated Shiva temple which was earlier submerged under the Srisailam reservoir project.

Distance from Hyderabad

90 kmts.

Courtesy      The Hindu


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