While tall skyscrapers and luxurious penthouse suites are in trend, city architect Rashmi Tiwari opted for responsible, sustainable building. She designed a restroom using only plastic bottles filled with mud, at Dr Ambedkar Government School, Langer House.

She chose plastic bottles because they are one of the biggest pollutants plaguing the Earth and she wanted to put them to better use. “I came to know that only one out five bottles are being recycled and rest land into landfills,” Rashmi said. “So I thought it is better to use those bottles in my construction, instead. The one litre bottles were collected from various dump yards and filled with mud, compacted, capped and used in place of conventional bricks to make the washroom. For the binding we used mud and cow dung.”

Not only did this idea maintain the environment, but it cut the costs of building as well. “Instead of around Rs 25,000, we made do with Rs 18,000 only,” she said.

The washroom was made within 10 days and was put under observation for few days to see if it was sustainable or not. “Plastic is a very tough material and through our testing, it stood  the ground even when faced with adverse environmental conditions,” Rashmi said.

According to her, the cost effective, environment friendly washrooms can be made anywhere. “I am in talks with GHMC and other municipalities to create environment friendly structures in rural areas, primarily into health care segment,” she added.

Speaking about her background, the UP born Hyderabad settler said, “When I had started studying architecture, I knew that I didn’t want to make skyscrapers but something for the underprivileged and give back to the society. Therefore, I did my specialisation in environmental design.”

While her parents disapproved of her goals in the beginning, they are now proud of Rashmi’s success as an architect. 




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