Hyderabad’s own little drummer

Arnav Kuppachi might look like your average 10 year old but when he begins talking his words precede his age.  He is very confident and talks like he knows what he is doing.  Especially so when he talks about his love for drumming. His parents Kalyan and Vavita deserve credit for where he has reached today. They spotted the “ sense of rhythm” in him early and encouraged him to take up music.  Luckily for Arnav his school too helped him dabble in various musical instruments like key board violin piano guitar and table before moving on to drums.

Recently during a World Music Day event in the city  Arnav was one of the youngest players.  In fact he stood out in the band as all the other members were over 27 years of age.  The way the little boy matched up with their experience impressed everyone in the audience.

“ I was first part of a band with members who were in my age group  but I wasn’t happy because they didn’t spend time practicing and weren’t taking it seriously” says Arnav explaining that for him drumming is a serious business.

In fact it was this interest that pushed his parents to bring out the best in his and provide him with good training.  “ All his music teachers in school always told us that he was a quick learner and we wanted to nurture the talent in him.  So we tried enrolling him in a class with Dominic  a well known drummer in the city. But Dominic felt he was really young then   he was just eight years old.  However today Arnav has been practicing for over a year and now Dominic sometimes feels that we should have started a bit earlier “  shares Arnav’s father Kalyan.

I love playing the drums more than anything else. I keep practicing as much as possible. I was nervous at the World Music Day event, but I think it went pretty well. Everyone congratulated me and it makes me happy that I achieved something  says Arnav who has been performing at several places in the city.

He has huge plans for the future and is now gearing up to join an in house band at Microsoft where his mother works.

Arnav says he wants to go on to become one of the best drummers ever.  “ I also want to learn table so that I can use both the instruments to create fusion music’ he concludes.




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