A mindful educationist

In an effort to bring about change in the society, a Begumpet sub-inspector, Madhu Uyala, has recently adopted a government school in his jurisdiction. Interestingly, before joining Hyderabad Police in 2013, Madhu was a teacher. “I used to coach students for IIT entrance exams for six years. I had to quit my job after I fell ill for a few months. Post which I joined the police department,” says Madhu.

However, a change in profession could not dampen his spirit to work in the education sector. “I met a few pass outs from the Zeera Government  Upper Primary School, Shamlal (Telugu medium). They were lamenting about the poor facilities and lack of basic infrastructure at their school. It was then that I decided to adopt the school and serve the students,” he says.

Talking about the contribution of his students’ and the locals in transforming the adopted school, Madhu says, “They contributed abacus tools, school bags, note books, stationery and even sports equipments like carom boards and volleyball kits. We have hired two non-teaching staff members to look after the sanitation. We have also renovated  the entire school, constructed compound walls.”

Apart from this, the school will soon form an Aspirants’ Hub — a two-room knowledge centre for competitive exam study. And now, Madhu’s wife, Archana, is joining the cause as well. “She is also a teacher and an expert in abacus. She recently delivered a baby boy, so after a couple of months, she will take up classes,” he mentions.

Madhu now wants to bring them on par with private schools. “Recently, we prepared a special time table, which included skill-oriented teaching aid among other things. With the school strength going up to 70, the DEO is now considering to convert it into an English-medium school from the next academic year,” he says.

Clearly, Madhu’s initiative is not just quenching his own passion for the sector, but also rousing a fire in many young minds.

courtesy    Deccan Chronicle



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