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Leaping high into the air

Ever overheard a group of youngsters in your neighbourhood  huddling and talking about Ollies and wondered what those are?  The Ollie is the most fundamental skateboarding trick where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of the rider’s hands. With June 21 being the Go skateboarding Day enthusiasts from the city as young as eight year olds are gearing up to celebrate the day in all fanfare.

Talking about the same  Aaron Savio Johnson student of class III says “ I took interest in it after watching You Tube videos and pestered my father to get me a skateboard.  I started training professionally three weeks back but the experience is thrilling.” Further adding Savio’s father says “ it’s really difficult to see him falling while training but I try to stay strong and get accustomed to it  but his determination is commendable”. Another student of class III agasthi Chandrashekhar who’s into the sport says “ I have been into roller skating since I was four years old and now with skateboarding I find it really good. I am going to focus on it now.

It’s not just kids who are into skateboarding but many youngsters from the city who are into this sport are coming up with an event at Wall Ride Park. But the way they all fell in love with the sport is almost similar   through You Tube videos.  Sushant Kumar after completing BBA is into fulltime skateboarding.  ‘ I learned the basic from those videos and started pratising three years back”  he says adding “ it  was love at first leap.  Now whenever I get time I take part in competitions   not to win  but to learn tricks from other experts “.  He also adds “people generally think that it’s so much fun  but skateboarding is about maintaining balance while trying out new tricks”.

A member of skateboarding in Hyderabad group Adnan Jafar shares his plan for the day.  “ we will be gathering at the Wall Ride Park to participate in competitions.  It’s very rare that we get a chance to be together and we can’t miss this opportunity to try out new tricks at the new venue only dedicated for skateboarding “ he explains.  Adnan has been skateboarding for the past six years and thinks it is just right time for people to explore more of it.




After 8 years of R & D, Western scientists have proved that at Lord  Nataraja ‘s big toe is the Centre Point of World ‘s Magnetic Equator. 

*Our ancient Tamil Scholar Thirumoolar has proved this Five thousand years ago!* His treatise, Thirumandiram is a wonderful Scientific guide for the whole world. To understand his studies, it may need a 100 years for us.

Chidambaram temple embodies the following  characteristics :

1)  This temple is located at the Center Point of world ‘s Magnetic Equator.

2) Of the “Pancha bootha” i.e. 5 temples, Chidambaram denotes the Skies.  Kalahasthi denotes Wind.  Kanchi Ekambareswar denotes land.  All these 3 temples are located in a straight line at 79 degrees 41 minutes Longitude. This can be verified using Google.  An amazing fact & astronomical miracle !

3)  Chidambaram temple is based on the Human Body having 9 Entrances denoting 9 Entrances or Openings of the body.

4) Temple roof is made of 21600 gold sheets which denotes the 21600 breaths taken by a human being every day (15 x 60 x 24 = 21600)

5) These 21600 gold sheets are fixed on the Gopuram using 72000 gold nails which denote the total no. of Nadis (Nerves) in the human body. These transfer energy to certain body parts that are invisible.

6)  Thirumoolar states that man represents the shape of Shivalingam, which represents Chidambaram which represents Sadashivam which represents HIS dance !

7) “Ponnambalam ” is placed slightly tilted towards the left.  This represents our Heart.  To reach this, we need to climb 5 steps called “Panchatshara padi ”
“Si, Va, Ya, Na, Ma ” are the 5 Panchatshara mantras.

There are 4 pillars holding the Kanagasabha representing the 4 Vedas.

8)  Ponnambalam has 28 pillars denoting the 28 “Ahamas “as well as the 28 methods to worship Lord Shiva.  These 28 pillars support 64 +64 Roof Beams which denote the 64 Arts.  The cross beams represent the Blood Vessels running across the Human body.

9)  9 Kalasas on the Golden Roof represent the 9 types of Sakthi or Energies. 

The 6 pillars at the Artha Mantapa represent the 6 types of Sashtras.

The 18 pillars in the adjacant Mantapa represents 18 Puranams.

10) The dance of Lord Nataraja is described as Cosmic Dance by Western Scientists.

Whatever Science is propounding now has been stated by Bharath thousands of years ago

Girl power


Two girls from the Telugu states have made it big at an international platform beating European weightlifting veterans in their own country.

It’s not easy waking up at wee hours training three times a day—- without any support from the state federation. But Budumuru Rajeswari and Boddenpalli Rajya Laxmi fully on private sponsorship took part in the 14th international women weightlifting Grand Prix event in Nagold Germany which concluded recently and clinched gold medal in their respective categories.

“ It was the first time that Indian women weightlifters tookpart in this event and getting such great results was beyond expectation “ says Rajya Laxmi who got gold in the 90 kg plus category.  Agreeing with her Rajeswari says “ Our federation was not quite eager to send us to any international event  they thought we will not stand a chance against European champions.  Proving them wrong and beating former Olympians gave me a great boost.  Now I don’t want to stop I want to train for the selection round of Commonwealth Games that’s scheduled for next year.

At the Grand Prix 108 weightlifters from 18 countries participated with around eight contestants in each category and beating them all is a great achievement feels their coach Raja Sekhar who accompanied them.  Talking about their journey from national to international tournaments he says “ they trained hard for this tournament as they had to maintain a certain diet and weight.  Seeing their hard work  C B R Prasad agreed to sponsor us for the entire tournament. They trained with me at the CBR Academy of Sports and Education Gollor near shamshabad airport”.  He adds “ if our sportspersons get a chance to participate in such international championships only then will they get the opportunity to mingle with other great champions.  Such experiences matters.”

For both Rajya Laxmi and Rajeshwari the win means a lot more than a medal. “ I was a four time national champion but had to quit weightlifting after marriage.  I came back to the sport a year ago. Since then I am taking one step at a time.  Initially my family wasn’t keen to allow me to continue with the sport but with my consistent effort they agreed.  Now after the win they are elated” she says.

On the other hand Rajeshwari’s family was in full support of her endeavours.  “ Former Olympian weightlifter Karnam Malleswari is from our village in Srikakulam and my parents knew the value of weightlifting.  So when I showed interest in the sport in class VII they readily agreed” she says.

Both Rajya Laxmi and Rajeshwari were joined by twenty one year old.  Tejavath Sukanya who secured the sixth position in the 75 kg  category at the same event. When they are not training they like to watch television for their daily dose of entertainment.


Courtesy  Deccan Chronicle


While tall skyscrapers and luxurious penthouse suites are in trend, city architect Rashmi Tiwari opted for responsible, sustainable building. She designed a restroom using only plastic bottles filled with mud, at Dr Ambedkar Government School, Langer House.

She chose plastic bottles because they are one of the biggest pollutants plaguing the Earth and she wanted to put them to better use. “I came to know that only one out five bottles are being recycled and rest land into landfills,” Rashmi said. “So I thought it is better to use those bottles in my construction, instead. The one litre bottles were collected from various dump yards and filled with mud, compacted, capped and used in place of conventional bricks to make the washroom. For the binding we used mud and cow dung.”

Not only did this idea maintain the environment, but it cut the costs of building as well. “Instead of around Rs 25,000, we made do with Rs 18,000 only,” she said.

The washroom was made within 10 days and was put under observation for few days to see if it was sustainable or not. “Plastic is a very tough material and through our testing, it stood  the ground even when faced with adverse environmental conditions,” Rashmi said.

According to her, the cost effective, environment friendly washrooms can be made anywhere. “I am in talks with GHMC and other municipalities to create environment friendly structures in rural areas, primarily into health care segment,” she added.

Speaking about her background, the UP born Hyderabad settler said, “When I had started studying architecture, I knew that I didn’t want to make skyscrapers but something for the underprivileged and give back to the society. Therefore, I did my specialisation in environmental design.”

While her parents disapproved of her goals in the beginning, they are now proud of Rashmi’s success as an architect. 



Nice story

One day all the employees reached the office and saw a big advice written on the door.  Yesterday the person who has been stopping your growth in the company passed away. You are invited to join the funeral.

In the beginning they got sad for the death of one of their colleagues but after a while they got curious to know who was the man stopped their growth.

One by one the thrilled employees got closer to the coffin and when they looked inside they were speechless.  They stood shocked in silence as if someone had touched the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin and everyone who looked inside could see him/herself

There was a sign next to the mirror that read

There is only one person who is capable to set limits to your growth. It is you  you are the only person who can influence your happiness  success and realization.

Your life does not change when your boss friend or company changes………….. your life changes when you change…. You go beyond your limiting beliefs and you realize you are the only one responsible for your life. It’s the way you face life that makes the difference.

If an egg is broken from outside force………life ends  but it is broken from inside force life begins. Great things always begin from our inside.

Expressive message


A university professor wrote an expressive message to his students at the doctorate  masters and bachelors levels in South Africa.  The message

Collapsing any nation does not require use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles. It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by the students.

The patient dies in the hands of such doctors.  And buildings collapse in the hands of such engineers. And money is lost in the hands of such accountants. And humanity dies in the hands of such religious scholars. And justice is lost in the hands of such judges.

The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation.